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Investment Highlights

  • "Pure play" electro mobility: With its lithium-ion based batteries, Voltabox benefits from attractive megatrends around the vehicle electrification.

    Voltabox‘s battery systems are based on lithium-ion technology, a key element for substituting internal combustion engines and lead-acid batteries. This development is largely driven by heightened environmental awareness and other megatrends such as urbanisation, electrification and industry 4.0. It will significantly increase Voltabox‘s market potential.

    The overall opportunity in Voltabox’s current markets amounts to about EUR 3 billion (as at: 2016). Together with the markets Voltabox intends to access with its products going forward, a market volume of over EUR 100 billion by 2027 is anticipated.

  • Strong market position: Leading in specialized industrial markets characterized by low competition & high margins

    The core business of Voltabox lies in advanced lithium-ion based battery systems for industrial use. These systems are used in forklifts, mining vehicles, electric buses for public transport and automated guided vehicles. The company also develops and produces high-quality lithium-ion batteries for the mass market. In particular, the current focus is on motorcycle starter batteries.

    Going forward, Voltabox will build a foothold in additional lucrative specialty markets as well as select mass market segments with a main target on agricultural applications as well as construction vehicles, municipal utility vehicles and ground support equipment. Interesting mass market niches include starter batteries for sports cars and 48 V mild hybrid applications. The company also plans to expand vertically into performance electronics and electric engines in order to become a turnkey solutions provider.

  • Leading technology: “First-mover-advantage” in superior Lithium-Ion technology disrupting current battery standards

    Voltabox is a pioneer in high-performance lithium-ion based battery systems. The competitive edge over other technology comes mainly from its high energy density, greater safety, comparatively low production costs and the globally available production capacities.

    The company secures its technological edge by emphasising research and development. Over one third of the about 90 employees work in this area, an unusually high number in the industry.

  • Fast availability of high-quality products: Immediately available and industry proven modular kits meet application-specific demands and highest safety requirements.

    Voltabox has a scalable business model. Voltabox’s approach to developing and manufacturing its battery systems is modular which enables the company to quickly launch new and complex applications. At the same time, Voltabox can produce the modules cost-efficiently and reliably in series. The battery systems are intrinsically safe, economical and have stood the test of time in many industrial applications. This enables Voltabox to quickly gain a foothold in new and high-margin specialty markets.

  • Strong order backlog: Comprehensive order backlog with leading market players offer high visibility and underpin growth momentum.

    At mid-year 2017, Voltabox’s order backlog amounted to about EUR 805 million. The intralogistics sector accounted for slightly more than half and the mining sector for approximately one quarter of the backlog, while the remainder came from batteries for local public transportation and starter batteries for motorcycles.

    In 2019, the company wants to generate EUR 100 million in revenues, almost four times its 2017 revenue target. Voltabox works for top clients from diverse sectors including Kiepe Electric (Knorr Bremse), Triathlon Batterien, Komatsu Mining, KUKA and BMW.

  • Experienced management: Experienced management benefitting from outstanding expertise in the field of automotive electronics and Li-Ion battery technology.

    CEO Jürgen Pampel has spent over 13 years in various management roles at Voltabox and its parent paragon. He has helped building the electro mobility business since 2011. Jürgen Pampel is a mechanical engineer and an expert in process development and optimisation.

    Supervisory Board Chairman Klaus D. Frers is the founder, CEO and majority shareholder of Voltabox parent paragon AG. He has over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry.

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